Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birthday Posts

You know how on your b-day, you typically get a ton of Birthday wishes on Facebook?
Well, I was curious if there was a pattern to this madness so I graphed the distribution of facebook birthday messages for each hour on the day of my birthday (by percentage).

There appears to be two peaks around 2PM and 9PM. I wonder if that is suggestive of the times when most people check their facebook.


  1. Interesting...my birthday is today! I did get 6 posts between 9PM and 10PM, but the next hottest time was between 12AM and 1AM at the beginning of the day.

  2. did you adjust for time zone differences?


  3. That's awesome Mia, I wonder if that says something about our friends :P

    Good point Alisa, while most of the responses originated on the East Coast, I did adjust for the time zone differences of those that didn't