Monday, February 8, 2010

Food and stories

This is a little experiment I conducted to see how different descriptors of a food effect one's enjoyment and receptiveness of that food. Thank you for all those two participated :)

Both groups were given a little cracker packet, a descriptor, and two short questions that addressed one's enjoyment and receptiveness to the crackers.

Group A (N=10)
Descriptor: Growing up in Taiwan, these rice crackers were special treats for us, especially around b-days.

Group B (N=9)
Descriptor: These rice crackers are light and fluffy with a salty sweet flavor.

-It was difficult to account for many factors such as previous exposures to Asian food and tastes, which probably resulted in the large error bars.
-However, the graph does suggest that although personal enjoyment/taste preference is not effected by the descriptor, one's receptiveness and willingness to try the food again might be increased by a more personal descriptor.
-Need a large N (as always) :P